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Who Bats was born out of the love for the game.

As as rookie to vintage base ball in 2015 and in need of quality bats, the thought process was simple: Learn how to make bats. After years of studying and crafting, the bats began to take shape, and Who Bats was born.

Every bat is crafted by the same callused hands that have known nothing but baseball since age four. That's over 20 years of focus and dedication that goes into every custom piece that comes from Who Bats. The result is a bat that instills nothing but confidence when you step up to the plate. We craft timeless pieces that can be found on vintage base ball fields across the country, modern diamonds, and mantles alike.


Every bat has a story to tell. We represent the players who grew up on the local sandlot. The grass fields that felt more official than any major league park. Where the game only ended when you shattered a window or ran out of baseballs (or both.) The countless hours doing tee work. Playing catch with your dad. The road trips. All of the blood, sweat, and tears.

No matter where the game takes you or how the game has evolved, there's one thing that pushes it forward; the people playing it and the relationships and memories they create on the field.

Simply put, we represent the players who play for the love of the game. We don't reminisce about the good old days because we're too busy living them.

Tell your story with Who Bats.